LunaLiving Recovery is a prestigious, CARF-accredited outpatient drug and alcohol treatment center.

Tucked away in an eastern suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. Our exclusive alternative to traditional inpatient detox and recovery blends evidence-based addiction treatment and therapeutic services with alternative therapies, such as neurofeedback, resulting in patient outcomes 10x better than the national average. Our 10-day "clean" detox is supported by Aphesin™ NAD+, a proprietary, oral drink mix that resources the body so that you can be productive, not only in designing your personalized recovery strategy, but, when you return to normal day-to-day challenges of life.

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Understanding the Process

a regimen or treatment intended to remove toxins and impurities from the body. Yet most detox protocols consist of removing toxins by substituting other, potentially addictive, drugs into the system.

LunaLiving is a judgment-free zone.

Our experienced medical and clinical personnel discreetly help our Clients enter remission from their addictions and stay there.

Evidence Based
Treatment for Our Clients

Our hybrid model, which pairs evidence-based treatment with novel approaches, benefits all LunaLiving Clients, whether they are participating in Ambulatory Detox, Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) or Outpatient Programs (OP).

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Convenient and Effective Treatment
Feedback and Praise from Our Clients
How Does Luna Work? See for Yourself!

From the penthouse to the crack house and every zip code in between, addiction doesn't discriminate. Ohio is ground zero for opioid addiction, but alcohol is still the #1 addiction in the country. The number of individuals with hijacked brains is staggering. This disease is personal. It's the names and faces of people we know and love and in the case of professionals, the people we trust. Your needs are unique and so is our ability to meet those needs. The LunaLiving Ecosystem is fueled by the strength of Aphesin™ NAD+ to restore physical resilience for those who have a demanding lifestyle. It is perfect for all types of professionals - business executives, lawyers, doctors, teachers, law enforcement, pilots, athletes, musicians, etc. Don't let your hijacked brain trick you into thinking you can manage this yourself. It's often not safe to detox without medical support and causes trauma that then needs to be worked on down the road. Recovery on your terms!

LunaLiving Recovery allowed me to become my very best self!

I’m a busy managing partner. This was my first detox, and I’m doing very well. No relapse or even strong urges anymore. I’ve been exercising every day and changed my eating habits. I’m still heavy on Nicorette, but, overall, I feel like a new man. Thank you, LunaLiving Recovery!

Bob, OxyContin Addict, FL
LunaLiving Recovery offers patient-centric care. The patient is the priority!

I just wanted to say how sincerely grateful I am. I’ve been to treatment in three other places, but Luna allowed me to see my worth when I didn’t think I had any for myself. LunaLiving Recovery is God-ordained, and you’re a gift to this world. Thank you for sitting with me and giving me love and support I needed. What a gift! The care you’ve provided goes above and beyond, and I feel it. Please know, you have changed my life. Thank you for everything!

Suzanne B., Alcoholic, MD
LunaLiving Recovery is compassionate, understanding, and nonjudgmental.

After 30 days, I relapsed and fell back into that horrible dark place of such disappointment, shame, guilt, and self-hatred; I was ready to give up. Thank you, LunaLiving Recovery, for creating a judgement-free zone that strengthened me to find the courage to come back and get the help I needed to get my life back on track. I’ve been to five other places for rehab, but LunaLiving Recovery was the place for me and provided me with the tools needed to regain control of my life...

John P., Alcoholic, OH

Shouldn't Results Matter?

FIT: A Process for Improving Treatment and Outcomes

The acronym “FIT” stands for Feedback Informed Treatment, sometimes called Measurement-Based Care. It is used to describe a process for measuring treatment progress, outcomes, and the therapeutic alliance between the Client and therapist. FIT is a Six Sigma process, listed as an “evidence-based program” by SAMHSA. Measuring progress and outcomes is a necessary and often missing ingredient towards helping Clients stay sober and healthy after treatment.

FIT involves the LunaLiving Client as a consumer of treatment services, who, with insurance companies, are increasingly demanding results of treatment in progress and outcomes. LunaLiving beFIT helps ensure effective, efficient, and accountable treatment services.

LunaLiving Recovery’s methods get results. From our experience, over 50% of our patients remain continuously abstinent and another 33% have one to four lapses in the year after treatment. Only 17% have full relapses and unlike other programs that throw patients out, we will continue working with individuals who are committed to achieving a life of sobriety.

Reducing Withdrawal & Timeline Symptoms
  • 10-day Ambulatory Detox followed by Partial Hospitalization Program
  • Use your vacation time to medically detox
  • Return to work revitalized Your time is valuable! Get your life back faster.
A World-Class, Outpatient Addiction Recovery Center

Luna Living is a luxurious treatment center for professionals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Our 6,600-square-foot facility is located in the historic Chagrin Falls, a suburb of Cleveland, OH, providing a peaceful environment for you during your road to recovery.

Our experienced medical and clinical personnel have one goal: to help you reintegrate into your full-time professional and personal lives post-treatment with a renewed focus and enthusiasm.

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Get Sober, Stay Sober
Acheiving Life-Long Sobriety

LunaLiving Recovery gives you the opportunity to continue to work and live at home during treatment. You are able to begin implementing the recovery skills acquired through the program and are provided the chance to process your experience in a safe and supportive environment. By doing this, you begin to establish a foundation for life-long sobriety.

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A Chronic Brain Disease

Addiction is a non-discriminating brain hijacking that greatly affects not only you, but your spouse/partner, your children, your parents, and our community. We believe the brain holds the key to a long and strong road to recovery. Without correcting the biochemical underpinnings of the disease, few people experience sustained recovery. Whether you are addicted to opioids, benzos, stimulants, or alcohol, we offer relief through detox and from cravings based on our patient scores on the CIWA and COWS scales, making it possible to work on recovery and a healthier, happier life.

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We Care About You
Judgement Not Included

Addiction thrives in isolation. It grows in the darkness of a double life, often leading to secrecy, loneliness, and depression. We believe healing begins with a safe connection. As we connect with others, we begin to come back to life—discovering a new version of our “old selves” and finding a new sense of meaning and purpose. Positive, strengths-based programming will help get you motivated and keep you motivated. We’re not just interested in stopping the addictive lifestyle but ushering you into a new phase of your life filled with meaning and purpose.

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