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Trauma, Stress and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – give you the tools to be proactive and live comfortably day-to-day in remission. Through therapy and practice you learn to identify your strengths and remain agile in your response to daily living. You will learn how to monitor and control your responses. People suffering with the disease of addiction habitually have given away their power. Remembering you have personal power, and knowing how to leverage it, is an essential step to recovery.

IV NAD+Therapies and Nutritional Supplementation – may be necessary due to the poor intake or assimilation of food nutrients common with alcohol and drug abuse and neurodegenerative diseases. For example, vitamins B1 and B3 are required by the liver to metabolize alcohol. Everyone’s dietary needs are different. Based on your blood tests, your doctor will advise you on which supplements you need to support your remission.

Social and Lifestyle Training and Support – embarking on a new lifestyle always presents challenges. Everyone wants to be part of an entertaining, fun, healthy and enviable lifestyle. This is why it is much easier moving forward with family. Other diseases don’t drive friends and families out of your life, why should Addiction. Luna Living shows you how to make all aspects of your life work – family, friends, and career.

Disclaimer: The detoxification experience as outlined on this website is meant to be an example, but results, withdrawal symptoms, and experience will vary by patient, severity of addiction and other factors.
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